Source code for helpers

"""Helper functions for unit testing the Switcher WebAPI.

.. codeauthor:: Tomer Figenblat <>


from datetime import datetime
from socket import gethostbyname, gethostname

from pytz import utc

[docs]def get_local_ip_address() -> str: """Use for getting the local host's ip address. Returns: The local ip address. """ return gethostbyname(gethostname())
[docs]def get_next_weekday(is_iso: bool = False) -> int: """Use for getting next day weekday. Args: is_iso: If true, Monday=1 and Sunday=7. Else Monday=0 and Sunday=6. Returns: The int value represnting the the next weekday (tommorow). """ max_day = 7 if is_iso else 6 current_day = if current_day < max_day: return current_day + 1 return 0 if max_day == 6 else 1